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The project

Principles, objectives and working methods

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The workshops

Three modalities are developed, always linking the viewing and practice

Cinema en curs 09-10

Making cinema: practicals and films

Lumière Minuts, short films, portraits of trades and crafts, portraits of places

Visionant fragments a classe

Seeing cinema

Discover the great filmmakers of all periods and cultures


Apply to participate in Cinema curs 2014-2015

Sorry, this entry is only available in Gal, Cast and Cat.


Cine Curso in Galicia

We are developing 8 workshops organized by the CGAI, in collaboration with the Plan Proxecta.


Cinema en curs in Madrid

Starting the second edition of Cine en curso Madrid


Cine en curso Argentina

Starting the second edition of Cinema en curs in the city of Córdoba (Argentina) in 2014.


Starting Cine en curso Chile

Sorry, this entry is only available in Gal, Cast and Cat.

Petit cinema en curs

Little Cinema en curs

Methodologies and practices of Cinema en curs with groups from 3 to 9 years


The blogs

To follow the workshops and to see all the practices

Sin rumbo_Institut Badalona Nou_Cinema en curs 2009-2010

Films screening of the world finals

Upcoming screenings in Dubrovnik (Croàcia) and La Paz (Bolívia)